Who We Are

House off my Plate!!
Dear Jeff,   I was and am completely satisfied with our Business Dealings on the sale of my Home.  Everything went as we agreed and it was truly a pleasant relationship.
James G. Yeager, Jr.


Out of State Move In A Hurry
Business was completed in a timely efficient manner. The process was completed in a professional way.
Nancy L. Allen


Older Fixer Upper
Our family was very pleases in all of our dealings with Stonebridge Property Solutions. We would highly recommend Stonebridge to anyone considering selling an older home in need of lots of remodeling!!
Thank you,
The Roy Family


Our Deal Fell Through
We met Jeff Sept 09′ and he provided us with lots of information.  We tried to sell the house ourselves, only 1 offer and it fell through at the last minute.  We contacted Jeff again in Dec. and he helped us out tremendously.  He was always willing to answer our questions and gave us advice.  Without Jeff we would be “stuck” with a mortgage we couldn’t afford to keep.  We recommend Jeff to anyone.  Good experience for us – we’ll always choose Jeff and his company if we ever decide to sell our home.


Speed is what I needed
I liked the speed of our transaction .. it took only 9 days from the day I called Jeff.  I am getting the same monthly net amount over a long period of time without ever having to spend a dime on the house, or talk to another tenant.
Melvin G. Ede


A Overwhelming Task
Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for helping me through such a difficult time. When my mother passed away I was left with the overwhelming task of selling her home. I lived 1500 miles away and knew my time was limited as to what I could accomplish. After making several phone calls and getting nowhere, I called Stonebridge. Your office staff could not have been more professional and understanding. You immediately returned my call and met with me the very next day. Your knowledge of what needed to be done put me at ease. You not only purchased my mothers home, but put me in touch with people I needed to probate my mothers will. I truly could not have done this without you! Thank you again and God bless. You will certainly be number 1 on my list of recommendations.
Victoria L. McCool


A Tight Spot
Working with Jeff helped me out of a tight spot. He’s flexible and willing to work with you. He’ll do what he can to be helpful. 3/20/2009 Thanks Jeff!!
Chris, Tulsa OK


Previous Dealings
Experience has been “hassel free” and went very efficiently. I am glad my son, Robert had previous dealings with you and gave me the reference.
S. Ann Ragan
Tulsa, OK


Take The Stress Off
Jeff is a very nice man and understanding about or situation. This takes a lot of stress off our family.
Thank you,
Shelly and Jeff


Easing Our Situation
Jeff made the whole process easy. He was very pleasant and professional to work with. Jeff was very understanding to our situation and we would recommend his service to anyone in a similar situation.
Renee and Randy M.  –  Tulsa, OK


Our Burdens Have Been Lifted
I was happy with the professionalism Jeff showed us and the respect for our situation. We needed to be relieved of the burden these homes were placing on us at a bad time in our lives. I believe Jeff gave us a fair price for the condition of these properties. Thanks Jeff!
Fran and David


Efficient and Effortless
Jeff did a wonderful job in buying our home.  It was very quick, efficient and effortless.  In fact, even my realtor advised that this would be the best route to go for the sale of this home.  Rather than having the property sit for months on the market and having to keep the property in pristine condition for showings and leaving the home while they showed it, we opted to work with Jeff.
Michael L. – Broken Arrow, OK


An Easy Deal
It was a very nice experience. Jeff is a excellent person, easy to talk with and deal with.
Lucille K. Tulsa, OK


Needing A Fast Sale
Jeff was extremely helpful and fair in aiding me in the fast selling of my house. He took of everything I making the process as quick and painless as possible for me.
Jarrett J.
Tulsa, OK


We Need To Get Rid Of This Property!!
We were very please with the ease of dealing with Jeff and his staff. He took a situation off of our hands with the professionalism that we expected. Stonebridge Prop. is the Way to go!
John and Mary C.


I Have 2 Houses And 2 Payments I Need Relief
Working with Jeff at Stonebridge was a great experience.  Jeff was extremely patient with a very complicated situation.  We had to take my grandmother through probate which took almost two years!  Jeff waited for that and was ready to complete the sell of her house when we got all of the details worked out.  We closed on our time table and got the checks immediately after.  I would recommend buying or selling to this company to anyone.  Thanks jeff, for helping us with this transaction!
Julie. T.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Relocation Made Easy!
Stonebridge took over our payments and bought our house for the same amount we would have gotten if we listed with a real estate agent.  They made the promise to help anohter family eventually buy the home, and amazingly, they got our mortgage paid off in only 47 days!  When moving out of town for a job change, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a house ready for market.  Jeff essentially took care of everything making our move to another city much easier.
Burt and Lindsay G.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Skeptical At First, But Very Satisfied With Results!
When I put our property on the market 2 years ago, the agent said they would get it sold.  After 6 months, they returned and said it did not sell.  I then contacted you through an ad I saw.  You said you would take over the payments and have it sold ina year.  I have to admit i was kind of skeptical, but I said alright.  You kept your word and the property is now SOLD!  Thank you so much for keeping your word, and being very straight-forward with us.  We will recommend you to anyone we know who is in the market to sell their house.  many THANKS!!!!
Steve R.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Facing Foreclosure
Due to illness and unemployment, I was being foreclosed on my home.  A friend suggested I call Jeff and it has been a pleasure to do business with him.  I would recommend him.  It was taken care of in one day.  I have found him very reliable and honest.
Patricia S.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I’ve Got Money Problems & Credit Problems
I am very grateful for Stonebridge taking over mortgage payments on my house at a bad financial time for me, making timely payments, and then paying off the mortgage once the house sold.  This, also, helped my credit rating.  If I ever need to, I would certainly do business with them again.
William M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Help! We Have Two Houses
We had already moved into our new home and were making double payments.  The listing on our home had expired, and we really needed a quick solution.  Jeff and Alicia helped us get refinanced to pull out the equity in our home.  At closing, I got a nice big check, and they got the nice new big payment book.  What a great feeling that was!  I would have never known about such a creative way to sell my home so quickly and get the cash I needed.
Thank you so much,
Susie M.
Claremore, Oklahoma


Just Give Me An Apartment
I purchased my house a little over a year ago, but I quickly realized that I was better suited for a retirement home with no upkeep!  Selling my home was much more time consuming and difficult than I had imagined.  I didn’t have enough equity to list it with a realtor, and I was having no luck selling it on my own until I called Jeff and Alicia.  They were able to make me a very fair offer that made sense for me.  Jeff and Alicia have taken over my existing mortgage and gave me a 2nd mortgage for my equity.  They even allowed me to stay in the house until I got my apartment lined up!  What a relief.
Thank you for everything,
Gail S.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


An Easy Transaction Over A Distance
I have a good report of Jeff Hoemann.  It’s been good working with him.
Claude W.
Chanute, Kansas


Help! I lost My Job
I am writing this to inform you that my husband and i were very pleased with the buying and selling of our home.  Back in November, my husband was laid off of his job.  I was unable to work because our baby was put in the hospital.  We kept getting further and further behind on our payments and bills.  We decided to give Jeff and Alicia a call (what a good team, they are very nice people).  We explained our situation to them and they offered to buy our home.
After talking with the two of them, we decided to sell our home so that we could look for something else in the country and hopefully get back on our feet.  Within a couple of days we met up with Jeff to sign papers to start the process.
The two of them (Jeff and Alicia) were very helpful with the buying and selling process of our home.  They kept us informed of all updates and also kept it easy on us.  Within 90 days all of us closed on our house.  The two of them even cared enough about my family that they even stayed in touch after the closing of the house to see how my family was doing.  The two of them are very nice and caring and most of all very much help.  Thanks very much for a job well done!
Thank You,
Jamie D.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Honesty Was My Main Concern
To who ever this Concerns, I have found Jeff Hoemann and Stonebridge Properties to be honest and truthful and thoughtful to my concerns.
Thank you,
Dixie P.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


My House Needs Repairs Before It Will Sell!
I needed to sell my home quickly, but it needed repairs.  My wife was pregnant and our money was better spent on our new home.  Trying to make double payments while I did repairs was beginning to be too much, so I called the little yellow signs on the road to see what the deal was.
Jeff and Alicia came out and made me a fair offer, all cash.  They even helped me clear up a few title issues that had come up before closing.  I needed someone who could move fast and pay all cash, and that is what I got.
Thanks for your help,
Matthew and Michelle
Coweta, Oklahoma


I’ve Already Moved and Still CAN’T Sell My House!
When I initially spoke with Jeff and Alicia at Stonebridge Property Solutions, I had plenty of time to get my house sold before I closed on my new home.  I found their offers to be creative and interesting, but I really felt that my house would sell the conventional way without any problems.
Well, six months later, Jeff and Alicia followed up with me and I was still stuck with my house with only days before I closed on another.  Thank goodness they called because I was running out of options.  In short, my worries have been taken care of.
Thank You,
Tulsa, Oklahoma


A Nice & Easy Sale
Jeff was nice & friendly & did fast & quick business.  I will recommend him.
Dorothy M.
Glenpool, Oklahoma


Needing To Sell and Tired of Dealing With Tenants!
When being an out of state landlord ceased to be feasible, I had the good fortune of finding SBPSI ad in the Tulsa paper.  I called and spoke with Jeff Hoemann and explained my situation and what I hoped to net from my property .  I found Jeff was willing to help me solve the problem I was facing – my renter had given notice and I did not want the continued hassles of finding a suitable renter.  Jeff handled all the paperwork, took the time to explain each step of the process and answered my many questions.  All this transpired within a few days.  They will take over my existing mortgage and give me a note for my equity.
I had the pleasure of meeting with Jeff and Alicia and was impressed not only with their business knowledge but also their warm and friendly approach.  Thank you, Alicia and Jeff, for giving me an option to the standard approach.
Dallas, Texas


I Don’t Have Enough Equity or Time To Sell Through  a Realtor!
I had decided that it would be best to sell my house and move on.  However, if I sold it through a realtor, then I would have had to come up with over $6000 at closing just to pay the realtor and closing costs.  And truthfully, I didn’t have the time that it typically takes a realtor to get my house sold.
I called 742-HOME from one of the signs that I had been seeing, and as a result, I can finally stop worrying about this house!  Jeff and Alicia quickly provided a solution that met my needs.  They have taken over my debt and my payments and are already helping a new family buy the house.
Your business provided a great service for people like me and I appreciate all that you have done.
Nate L.
Jenks, Oklahoma


My Hours At Work Have Been Cut In Half!
After 9/11, our work hours declined dramatically which decreased our income.  As a result, we immediately listed our house with a realtor who barely even showed it in the entire six month agreement.   Ultimately, we got behind on our payments and the bank started foreclosure.  That is when we called Jeff out of the Tulsa World.  He had a lot of experience dealing with lenders in these situations and he agreed to take over and try to get our house sold.
We are happy to say that Jeff was successful dealing with our 1st. and 2nd. lenders, and he was able to sell our house before the foreclosure sale!!!!  Now we can finally move on with our life!!!!  If you happen to be in a similar situation, we recommend not to hesitate….call Jeff.
Ron & Amy C.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


We Need to Sell Fast So We Don’t Lose our Dream Home!
We had barely decided to move when we found the house we wanted.  We had not even put our house on the market yet.  We had to move fast and we had repairs to make.  With kids in college I could not afford to have two house payments.
I called Jeff and he and Alicia came out and looked at the house.  We were able to make a deal that day.  We were then able to make an offer on the house we wanted that night.  It was a great way for us to go – very quick, very easy.
Jeff and Alicia are great people and easy to deal with.  We got our house and they were very flexible as we tried to pin down a date to close and move.  The whole thing worked smooth and easy for us.  Although I don’t plan to move anytime soon, I would not hesitate to do business with Stonebridge again.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I Accepted a Job in Another State!
We needed to sell our house quickly, but we had only been in the house for a couple of years and selling it in a short period of time would have been difficult with a real estate agent.  Jeff and Alicia came out and looked at our home, then they sat down and explained that they could help us out.  In just a few days we were able to close the deal and move without any problems.
Thank You,
Tony & Frances
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Help Me Reunite with My Family!
When the job market changed I was forced to accept a new position out of state, and I needed to sell my home quickly so my family could join me.  Unfortunately, our house needed extensive repairs, and I was no longer around to take care of them.  What a horrible feeling to be stranded from your family and be stuck with a home you can’t get rid of!  Luckily, I saw a sign on a street corner that led me to give Jeff a call.  Before I new it, he had agreed to take over my payments AND my repairs!  Now I can get on with my life knowing that Jeff is doing everything he said he would do…just like we agreed.
Harry B.
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma


I Need CASH For My Home!
When I moved my family to our new home, I decided to fix up our old house in order to get it sold for top dollar.  It was a great idea, but my life became too hectic and time consuming to follow through with my plan.  With work, children, and church activities, it got to be a real drag just going to my old house, but I knew it wouldn’t sell as-is very quickly and I still had double payments.  I called Jeff’s sign, and I told him I needed all CASH for my house.  Jeff couldn’t pay my price for all CASH, but he agreed to take over my payments and pay me CASH for my equity!!  I was really excited to get a reasonable price, but I still had reservations about having someone take over my loan.  My wife and I discussed it and decided that it was definitely our best option.  Well, I am here to say that our decision turned out perfectly.  Jeff has done every single thing that he told me he would do.  He repaired our house, he made all of our payments on time, he took care of all of the paperwork, and he got the house SOLD!  I would definitely recommend Jeff to my friends and family.
Thanks for your honesty,
R. Ragan
Sand Springs, Oklahoma


I Need Help Getting A Fresh Start
After my divorce, I found myself over leveraged on my house with a payment that I could no longer handle.  The bank had already started foreclosure proceedings and I had very little time to get my house sold.  A foreclosure was the LAST thing that I was going to let happen!
Luckily, I saw Jeff and Alicia’s advertisement in the Tulsa World Classifieds.  They came right over even though the loans on my house exceeded its value.  Within a few short weeks, Jeff was able to negotiate with my banks and get everything cleared up!  Now I can get on with my life without this burden.
Thanks for everything,
Tulsa, Oklahoma


My Dad Needed a Fast and Easy Sell
Stonebridge Property bought my house in April 2004.  This was my parents’ house for 45 years.  I was selling it for my Dad.  I was very happy with the transaction – it was fast and easy.  It was a good experience for my family.  I would recommend this company to anyone.  They were very helpful, friendly and honest.
Robin R.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I Lost my Spouse and Do Not Know How To Sell My Home
My name is Rita K.  My husband passed away leaving me in such an awful mess.  Jeff Hoemann has helped me to get my home sold because I know I couldn’t keep the up-keep on the property, the mowing, the fixing up of the things that do go wrong with a house.
Jeff helped me by going around getting to the right people.  All I had to do was keep in touch with him by the phone, and all of the papers were taken care of for me.
God bless,
Rita K.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


We Need To Choose Our Own Move Out Date
Jeff was very helpful and friendly.  He made it easy to understand.  He answered all of our questions up front and honestly.  He always returned our calls.  He made it easy and was here to help us do it quickly and when we needed to so we could close on our new property on the exact same day.
Thanks again,
David W.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


We Need to Close When We’re Ready.
I have been very pleased with Stonebridge Properties.  Jeff was very easy to deal with.  They were patient with my several requests for delays on closing.  I would highly recommend Stonebridge to anyone thinking of selling their home who doesn’t want to deal with a conventional realtor.
Kenneth G.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I Can’t Believe We Saved Money Going Through An Investor!
We had a second home that we were trying to get ready for sale or rent.  We’d spent a lot of time and money ourselves.  Finally my husband saw the sign “We Buy Houses” and called the number.  Jeff came out, told us what he could do, gave us options and how he’d pay us for the house.  When you think of all the money he saved us – real estate salesman, closing costs, checking downtown, abstract updated, ect., we are so happy with everything.
Clarence and Wanda B.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Just What I’ve Been Praying For
My experience in dealing with Stonebridge Property Solutions has been wonderful.  It has literally been an answer to my prayers.  Jeff Hoemann was very nice and great to deal with.  He answered all my questions and was very considerate and patient.
Nancy A.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Worked Through Several Difficulties
Very friendly and helpful. Worked through several difficulties for us. Thanks for the purchase!
Steve S.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Gave Honest Answers
My home sale to Stonebridge Properties was a very pleasant follow up to a previous near purchase that fell through. I was a pleasure dealing with Jeff Hoemann who not only gave honest answers, but actually answered his phone. I would highly recommend Stonebridge primarily because they followed through in an honest and professional manner.
Ron B.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


We Were Able to Pull Our Home Out of Foreclosure
We have really enjoyed working with Stonebridge throughout the process we have had with our house. They have been nothing but helpful and prompt in helping us deal with what needed to be done and in dealing with things on their end.
Our house was in the midst of foreclosure when we contacted Jeff and he immediately thought he could help us out. The process began from there and was worked out quickly in order to help save our credit and finances. We were able to pull our home out of foreclosure with the help of Jeff and Stonebridge and are now working to regain our credit standing. It has been an easy process that we have been led through step by step in order to reach the conclusion that we hoped for and that Jeff laid out for us at the beginning.
We are thankful that Stonebridge was there when we needed help and were able to work with us and our situation to the benefit of all involved.
Kevin & Nicole M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


You Went Out of Your Way to Help
Jeff, I enjoyed working with you. You go out of your way to help people and are very understanding.
Thank you,
Amber M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


Even my Realtor advised me to go this route!
I didn’t believe you when you said that you could buy my house immediately.  It seemed too easy.  That’s exactly what you did, and I got about the same amount that I could have expected through a realtor without the hassle and expense.  Thanks for making it so simple.
C. Walker
Owasso, OK


Help Save My Credit and Stop The Foreclosure!
After losing my job, I needed to sell quickly before a foreclosure started.  I didn’t have time to list and I didn’t want to hassle with potential buyers myself.  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t know how to handle all of the paperwork anyway.  Jeff with Stonebridge Property Solutions came out and immediately handled everything.  He bought my house and reinstated my loan, and I didn’t even have to clean or do any repairs!  Now I can get back on my feet.  Thanks.
Bonnie E.


Needed Help Quick!
Jeff Hoemann and Stonebridge Properties performed an excellent service within a short time frame with an acceptable outcome for all concerned.
Tulsa, OK


Tired of Managing A Property From So Far Away!
Jeff was straightforward and explained in detail concerning the property sale. The transition was smooth with no surprises.
Allen & Peggy
Okmulgee, OK


My Husband Is Working In OKC, I’m in Tulsa, And The Realtor Can’t Sell Our Home
We were in a bind and we needed to move right away. Our house had been listed with a realtor for 6 months and we just didn’t seem to be making any progress. I saw a sign while driving about Stonebridge Property Solutions. I filled out the online form and Jeff contacted me right away. I had filled out forms with other companies before and no one even called me back. We were able to agree to a solution with Jeff and were able to move on with life.
Crystal & Derek