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Behind on Your Mortgage Payments and Face Foreclosure?

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The Facts

It is unfortunate, but occasionally we all stumble along the way to meeting our objectives.  Loss of a job, divorce, unexpected medical bills – These are only a few of the things that can wreck us financially.  When this happens, one of   the biggest burdens you can face is continuing to make the mortgage payment on your home.

Nothing positive can come from a Foreclosure on your home.  A Foreclosure stays with you for the rest of your life!  Any standard credit application you look at will ask:  Have You Ever Filed Foreclosure?

Options You Should Probably Avoid

Bankruptcy – Attorneys may advise you to file Bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure.  This may only delay the inevitable while costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to begin making payments on your home again.  The problem is that if you miss one payment or send in one payment late, your lender may immediately begin the foreclosure process again.  If your attorney advises you to file Chapter 7 this will only stall the sale of your home and completely ruin your credit rating.  Neither of these options are very helpful for this situation.

What about listing with a Real Estate Agent?  Most Real Estate Agents list houses, they don’t actively try to sell your house.  If you need to sell your house fast this is rarely the answer!  There will be one sign in your yard, a few other real estate agents may bring some people by your house that aren’t qualified & even if they are, what are the chances of the sale being closed before your home goes to foreclosure?  Slim To None!  They will not know how to negotiate with the bank & it may wind up costing you your home.

How about Refinancing?  Many mortgage brokers will offer to refinance your home to stop the foreclosure.  This only increases what you owe on the home & you will have higher payments since your new loan will be at a much higher interest rate!  Wait a minute, weren’t you already having trouble making the payment?  Hardly a solution.

What Stonebridge Property Solutions Can Do For You

Our main objective is to provide a solution allowing you to deal with your problems as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life.  The hardest part of a situation like this can be the unknown – wondering if your house is going to sell, facing the ominous & very damaging Foreclosure Sale.

We are the most highly trained experts in the nation when it comes to solving real estate problems.  We take care of the burden of dealing with your lender, attorneys, and anyone else you have to deal with that doesn’t care about your problem.

We can offer you peace of mind.  When you agree to sell to us you will know that your burden of monthly payments, repairs, maintenance and all of the other headaches associated with your house will soon be behind you so you can move on with your life.

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