Private Investors

How Do Your Current Investments Measure Up?

Convert Your Savings Accounts, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, CD’s, and IRA’s Into Private Mortgage Loans with Stonebridge Property Solutions, Inc. secured by real estate in the Tulsa Metro area!


•   This is not a mortgage pool.  You are in complete control. 

•   A local Title Company will handle all of the closing details.

•   Loans are based on 75% loan to value (LTV) or less on local real estate.

•   You have collateral so your investment has protection.  As a result, you receive a security instrument with a property as collateral along with all pertinent documents.

•  You do not have to collect the payments.  Funds are forwarded directly to you by Stonebridge Property Solutions, Inc.

•  You have NO costs, loads or commissions.

•  Real estate can be a fantastic investment because it has historically appreciated over time.


Take advantage of this easy investment program and start getting the return you deserve.  Call Jeff at 918-742-0806 to get started or fill out the form below!